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A Guide to PE Cling Film

July 22, 2022 458
PE cling film is a general term used to describe many different materials. PE cling film is most often referring to industrial plastic wrap for securing pallets or food-grade plastic wrap. Food plastic wrap, also known as cling film, food wrap, and saran wrap, is a thin plastic film commonly used for sealing and securing food items in containers to keep fresh. Food PE cling film is sold in individual rolls or more typically sold with a roll in a box that has a cutting edge on it.

Plastic wrap was discovered in 1933 when a lab worker (Ralph Wiley) at Dow chemical was having trouble washing out beakers used in developing a dry-cleaning product. The product was initially developed into a spray to be sprayed onto fighter planes to protect them from salty sea spray. The original plastic wrap that was invented was PVdC (Polyvinylidene Chloride). In 1949 Dow Chemical refined the spray and developed saran plastic wrap.

Plastic wrap is commonly made out of PVC (Polyvinylidene Chloride). In recent years other PVC alternatives have become more popular. The most popular option in recent years is PE cling film
 because it is considered to be safer for the body.