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Benefits of Using Slider Bags with Sous Vide

May 14, 2021 532
There are several advantages to using slider bags instead of a FoodSaver-type sealer. The biggest advantage is the ability to seal liquids. Slider bags work with both solids and liquids, so you can easily use marinades and sauces while you cook.

Another thing I really like about using slider bags is that they are easy to open and re-seal. Many foods like sirloin, brisket, and pork shoulder have a lot of variation in the toughness of the meat and need different lengths of cooking time to fully tenderize them. The problem is that amount of time needed can be hard to determine before actually cooking them.

I can open the pouch after the minimum amount of cooking time has passed and check the tenderness. If it needs more tenderizing I just re-seal the slider bag and put it back in the sous vide machine for a few more hours. When it's tender enough, I'll pull it out and it's ready to serve whenever I want. It really helps prevent under- and over-cooking foods.

Opening and re-sealing the slider bags is also helpful if the food has given off some gas and is starting to float. This often happens during longer cooks and it can be a pain to try and weigh down the slider bags, you can release the gas, re-seal the slider bag, and the food will easily stay below the water again.

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