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Excellent Prices Plastic Zipper Bags

July 30, 2019 761

Plastic zipper bags are probably a food storage staple in your home—they’re an easy way to store food in the fridge and freezer, plus they can help keep you organized in other ways, including being a necessity when you travel by air.

Shop now for plastic zipper bags - an affordable packaging solution for a variety of contexts. Available in heaps of sizes and styles, including:

  • Regular resealable bags (50um thickness)
  • Heavy duty resealable bags (75um thickness)
  • Regular resealable bags with write-on panel (50um thickness)
  • Heavy duty resealable bags with write-on panel (100um thickness)
  • Plastic zipper bags (aka. plastic zip folders)
  • Stand-up pouch Bags

All of our plastic zipper bags are airtight, waterproof and super durable. You can easily store hardware, jewellery, pharmaceuticals or food in these bags - just press and slide fingers across to seal tight. Pull the lip to open. Easy!

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