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Food Grade PE Cling Film

July 07, 2023 255

Food grade PE cling film, also known as food wrap or plastic wrap, is a type of packaging material commonly used to cover or wrap food items. PE stands for polyethylene, which is a widely used plastic polymer. Food grade PE cling film is specifically manufactured and designed to meet the safety standards and regulations for direct contact with food.

Here are some key features and uses of food grade PE cling film:

  1. Safety: Food grade PE cling film is designed to be safe for contact with food. It is manufactured using materials that are non-toxic and do not pose any health risks when in direct contact with consumable items.

  2. Protection: Cling film provides an airtight and moisture-resistant barrier, which helps to keep food fresh for longer periods. It prevents food from drying out, retains its flavor and aroma, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the refrigerator.

  3. Transparency: The film is transparent, allowing you to see the contents of the wrapped food without opening the package. This feature is especially useful in commercial kitchens, delis, or households where it's important to identify the food quickly.

  4. Versatility: Food grade PE cling film can be used to cover a wide range of food items such as fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, leftovers, and other prepared dishes. It can also be used to wrap and store non-food items.

  5. Easy to Use: Cling film has a self-adhesive property, which means it sticks to itself and to the edges of containers or bowls, creating a tight seal. It is easy to handle, tear, and wrap around various shapes and sizes of food items.

  6. Microwave-Safe: Some brands offer microwave-safe cling film that can be used to cover food items during reheating in the microwave. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding safe usage in microwave ovens.

  7. Recyclability: Food grade PE cling film can vary in terms of recyclability. Some brands produce cling films that are recyclable, while others may not be recyclable due to specific additives or multi-layer construction. It's important to check the recycling guidelines in your local area or choose eco-friendly alternatives when possible.

When using Food grade PE cling film, it's important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and exercise proper food safety practices. Avoid using cling film in the oven, as it can melt or catch fire. Also, be cautious when handling hot food items to prevent burns or melting of the film.