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Food slider freezer bags

April 01, 2022 510
Slider freezer bags have a thicker plastic that helps protect foods from freezer burn and allows for storage of heavier food, snacks, leftovers, craft supplies, hardware or other household items. 

Meal prep ahead of time by freezing meat for burger patties, fruits and veggies for smoothies, cookie dough for cookies and more. Prepare ingredients for large parties or treats ahead of time by storing in freezer. The microwave safe plastic allows for easy defrosting and reheating of food. 

Large write-on labels make it easy to label and date the contents of these gallon size slider freezer bags in your freezer. The stand and fill expandable bottom means that the slider freezer bags stand up for easy loading of food, craft supplies or other household items you’re wanting to organize. We premium quality and super strength comes with superior savings, offering a better bang for your buck than similar branded storage bags.

This article comes from meijer edit released