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Food Slider Storage Bags Quart

June 18, 2019 664

Keep your food fresh for longer with these slider storage bags. They are made of a strong plastic in a clear color that lets you view the contents at a quick glance. These quart slider storage bags feature an expandable bottom that opens into a flat base, helping to keep them upright so they are easy to store and fill. They also feature a slider closure with a Smart Zip seal that allows you to hear the bag close so you know your food is secure. These slider storage bags are freezer, refrigerator and microwave-safe (use as directed). The white label on the front of each bag also lets you add the date that the food was packaged. You can use these bags for other items around your home as well. They are ideal for crafting supplies, toiletries, baby wipes, travel and much more.


To avoid danger of suffocation, keep slider storage bags out of the reach of children. Small slider could come loose from the bag and cause a choking hazard in small children. Immediately discard any loose sliders. CAUTION: For use in microwave, place bag on a "microwave-safe" dish. Handle with care. Bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents as bag may melt.

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