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Hefty Sandwich Slider Bags

July 17, 2020 660

Designed with an extra-strong seal, Hefty slider bags keep contents fresh and safe. Owing to the bags’ Patented track and clicks closed feature, these heavy duty plastic bags let you know the bag is securely closed. A simple, smooth motion opens and closes these food storage bags easily thanks to their unique slider design. Integrated, large write-on labels let you label and organize the contents of each of these Hefty slider Bags in your fridge or freezer for easy identification. Prepare ingredients for large parties or for your family ahead of time, keeping contents fresh in these quart storage bags until you’re ready to use them, or package leftovers and treats to go with friends and family. These clear plastic baggies are ideal for organizing and storing makeup, first aid Kits, desk supplies and hardware, giving you a clear view of the contents while keeping multiple items together, clean and undamaged. Hefty Premium quality and super strength comes with superior savings, offering a better BANG for your buck than similar branded travel storage bags. These Hefty slider storage bags are made in the USA, BPA free, and available in both quart and gallon plastic bags sizes.

Slider Bags now feature our Easy Open Tabs. Whether you’ve got a big double-decker sandwich or a skinny PB&J, our Sandwich Bags are perfect for packing the sandwiches you love. Use these handy bags to bring recipe ideas to life, pack lunch for yourself and your family or just to keep snacks fresher for longer. Use these convenient sandwich slider bags to pack crayons on car trips, keep your school bag organized, and for smarter crafts storage.

Sandwich slider bags are ideal for packing sandwiches, pizza slices, subs, cookies, fruit, carrot sticks, chips and more.

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