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Plastic PE Cling Film for keeping food fresh

September 02, 2019 868

1.Hygiene and safety: PE cling film in conformity with the National food hygiene standard. suitable for wrapping of various foods.

2.Glossness and transparency: Both excellent glossiness and transparency property enhance the value of product itself.

3.Fog resistance property: If the foods with moisture is wrapped by general wrap film, the surface easily to condense water droplet and loom foggy status which affect on poor perspectivity and easily spoil the foods. Our PE cling film gets an outstanding fog resistance enabling the water-drop to wander about and scatter automatically and keep up carrying good transparency property for foods packaging and ensure the freshness of foods.

4.Cold resistance property: PE cling film occupies an outstanding cold resistance property and still retains a good softness under low temperature storage.

5.The packaging suitability property: Thanks so the remarkable softness, an appropriate adhesion force and fine elongation, the PE cling film can completely nestle up the goods packed without bend upwards and improper problems generated.

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