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Reclosable Slider Zipper Bags

May 22, 2019 768

We offer reclosable slider zipper bags for all your packaging needs. Our plastic slider bags are excellent for storing, displaying, and protecting all types of products, especially those that need to be accessed multiple times.

Plastic Slider Bags for All Applications

The slide seal closure is simple to use because it features a precision slider closing mechanism that creates a secure seal the first time, every time, even when working with gloved hands. These bags are ideal for keeping small items packaged for easy handling and are FDA/USDA certified for food applications. This makes our reclosable slider zipper bags an excellent choice for storing and displaying a wide variety of products because they are available in many sizes which are packed in cases of 250 bags.

The openings of our plastic slider bags are approximately 1.75” smaller than specified bag widths to accommodate the slider closure. This is important to know so that you will never have the unwelcome surprise that your material must be bent or folded before it can be inserted into the bag.

We have over 10 different sizes of reclosable slider zipper bags available in 3 mil. Our stock slider grip bags are manufactured to have the highest quality standards and offer a reliable closure performance.

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