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Reducing, reusing and recycling cover UPS bags and wrap

September 24, 2021 624
Plastic film, which includes many types of cover ups bags and wrap, is everywhere in our lives. In part because of their convenience and abundance, though, plastic bags and wrap are often used in excess, wasted, buried in landfills or littered in our streets, natural areas and surface waters.

There are easy and cost-effective ways to reduce waste and recapture the benefits of plastic bags and wrap after their initial use. Individuals and businesses can reduce excessive use of cover ups bags and wrap, reuse them or recycle them. Industrial shrink wrap used in the packaging can be recycled and is in high demand by manufacturers as a raw material. Individuals, schools, non-profits, workplaces and communities can collect plastic bags and wrap for recycling or promote local recycling programs. 

Many grocery stores offer durable, washable cover ups bags to customers at an affordable price. Using these cover ups bags on a regular basis can create less waste than paper or plastic, and washing them regularly removes dirt and germs.

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