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Simply Done Slider Freezer Bags

October 14, 2022 449
Ready for life. Feel the strong seal. Stand & fill slider freezer bag. Bye-bye freezer burn - there's no frost here! Be ready to freeze your favorites with a wide variety of high-quality stand and fill slider freezer bags from Simply Done.

Slider freezer bags easily open and seal tight to: Portion your favorite fruits and veggies for instant smoothies. Whip up a double batch and freeze the leftovers. Take back freezer space from half empty boxes.

Unloc your favorite flavors whenever you want with slider freezer bags. These durable plastic food slider freezer bags seal in the flavor of fresh food and help to protect it from freezer burn so you and your loves ones can enjoy fresh-tasting flavors whenever you want. And, thanks to their expandable bottom, these slider freezer bags can stand without support in a fridge or freezer, which means you can maximize your storage space.

Expandable, sturdy base so you can stand these slider freezer bags and fill them with liquids, sauces, and any other potentially messy food and non-food items