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Simply Done Slider Storage Bags

December 10, 2021 505
This slider storage bag is made with 100% recycled material. Slider storage bags easily open and close tight to: Contain loose cereal from taking over your pantry. Dining out Store crayons and small toys to keep kids entertained. Take your favorite toiletries on vacation (3 ounces or less please). Leftover veggies - bring it! Pantry organization - no problem.


Microwave Instructions: For reheating, open slider 1 inch to vent. Place bag on a microwave safe dish. Handle with care. Slider storage bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents as bag may melt.

Slider storage bags can cause suffocation. Please keep this product and all slider storage bags out of the reach of children. Do not permit children to play with them and do not use them in cribs, playpens or strollers. Keep slider storage bag away from small children in case small slider should come loose from the slider storage bag. Immediately discard any loose sliders.

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