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Slider Freezer Bags with Power Shield Technology

November 18, 2022 401
Unloc your favorite flavors whenever you want with slider freezer bags. These durable plastic food slider freezer bags seal in the flavor of fresh food and help to protect it from freezer burn so you and your loves ones can enjoy fresh-tasting flavors whenever you want. And, thanks to their expandable bottom, these large slider freezer bags can stand without support in a fridge or freezer, which means you can maximize your storage space. 

These slider freezer bags are perfect for storing food ingredients, pre-prepared meals or leftovers in the freezer, keeping them safe for enjoyment in the future. Save money by buying and storing your favorite ingredients in bulk or make batches of your homemade favorites and then enjoy them at your convenience. The expandable bottom and easy-open slider make it easy to open, fill, seal and stand these reusable slider freezer bags, which means less work and less mess. 

We provides a puncture-resistant film that ensures your food will be kept safe from freezer burn and other possible sources of puncture or leakage. These BPA-free plastic slider freezer bags can be used again and again (when used as directed), which means you save money and reduce waste. Unloc better living with slider freezer bags!