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Slider Storage Bags Gallon Mega Pack

July 28, 2023 304

Slider storage bags, also known as slider zipper bags or slider closure bags, are a type of resealable plastic bags commonly used for various storage purposes. Unlike traditional zipper bags that require pressing the two sides together to seal the bag, slider bags have a convenient sliding closure mechanism.

Slider storage bags are plastic bags with a sliding closure mechanism that allows for easy sealing and resealing of the bag. Gallon-sized bags are typically larger and more suitable for storing larger food items, leftovers, or organizing bigger household items.

Here's how they work:

  1. Opening: To open the bag, you slide the plastic tab or slider along the top of the bag from one side to the other. This action separates the two interlocking plastic tracks, creating an opening.

  2. Filling: Once the bag is open, you can easily fill it with whatever items you want to store inside, such as food, snacks, small items, or even liquids, depending on the bag's design and material.

  3. Closing: After filling the bag, slide the plastic tab back in the opposite direction to close the bag. This will bring the two interlocking plastic tracks together, sealing the bag securely.