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The Difference Between Slider Freezer Bags and Regular Zip-Top Bags

December 24, 2021 637
Slider freezer bags and regular zip-top bags are both made from durable plastic, typically have a similar type of seal, and are available in the same sizes. There is one important difference that sets them apart: thickness.

Slider freezer bags are thicker than regular zip-top bags, which makes them tougher and more durable when it comes to storing food in the freezer.

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While they often look and feel pretty similar to other plastic storage bags, slider freezer bags are slightly thicker than regular zip-top bags. This translates into a storage bag that’s sturdier and more durable.

Slider freezer bags are less likely to puncture or tear, and also slower to break down after long periods of time in the freezer. As a result, slider freezer bags keep food fresh for longer periods of time and prevent or slow freezer burn.

You don’t need to reserve these bags just for stashing food in the freezer, either. Slider freezer bags, which range in size from a pint to two gallons, can be used in all the same ways you’d use any other type of zip-top storage bag.

The opposite is also true: You can use regular zip-top storage bags in the freezer — I’ll admit that I have from time to time. But foods stored in these bags in the freezer might not hold up as well over long periods of time, and can be more prone to punctures and rips.

Of course, you can expect to pay a little more for slider freezer bags than you would for regular zip-top storage bags. But we think it’s worth it.

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