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What do you know about the applications of slider bags in life?

September 10, 2021 541
Improved from conventional slider bags, slider bags are easier to use, bring convenience to users, and increase product value which makes them popular in many areas. 

As an upgraded product from a normal slider bag, basically, slider bags are still designed like a normal slider bag with 2 zip lines located at the top of the bag, facilitating opening/closing when using. An upgraded point compared to a conventional slider bag is that at the top of the bag there is a small zipper button that makes opening and closing more simple and convenient than before.

It can be said that the slider bags is an improved version that possesses the advantages of a regular zipper one and has been upgraded with a slider feature. Therefore, the bag possesses many advantages to conquer a large number of consumers.

Waterproof: Because it is made of PE plastic, the bag possesses the waterproof property to help protect utensils, food and to avoid damage better.

Airtight: The zipper design helps the contents inside the bag not be affected by air, dust, O2 gas, CO2 … This is extremely beneficial in food preservation.

High durability: Durable PE plastic with zippered designs which are usually thicker than regular slider bags helps this kind of bag difficult to tear off unless using sharp objects to cut it.

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