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Zipper Bags For Freezer Food

October 23, 2020 765
From freezer to fridge to pantry, BPA free Freezer and Zipper Bags with a zipper closure are essential for a busy kitchen.

DOUBLE SEAL LOCK ZIPPER: With a quick glide of the Yellow and Blue Make Green Seal, these one quart plastic zipper bags provide an airtight zip seal great for more than food; use as a reusable plastic zipper bag to pack and organize items while traveling or on the go.

LASTING FRESHNESS: Keep food fresh with 2 in 1 Storage and Freezer zipper Bags complete with pliable plastic that eliminates foods contact with air.

FREEZE AND STORE WITH EASE: 2 in 1 plastic zipper freezer bags include plastic grips above the zipper to prevent rips and tears after freezing, and conveniently fit into most storage and freezer zipper bag holders.

A kitchen staple, you can zip, freeze and store these versatile freezer zipper bags knowing they are BPA free and microwave safe.

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