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Zipper Produce Bag

December 09, 2019 843

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer with these zipper bags. They're made of a high-quality material with a clear finish that lets you identify the contents quickly. These fresh produce zipper bags have built-in vents that control the amount of air that gets inside. This prevents your food from having access to too much moisture keeping them crisp and fresh longer versus traditional storage methods.


  • With moisture vents
  • Hundreds of freshness vents on every zipper bag
  • Releases excess moisture to help prevent produce from getting soggy
  • Maintains the right amount of moisture to help prevent product from getting too dry

For optimal freshness: select quality vegetables; place in zipper bag as soon as possible; store unwashed and uncut when possible; drain washed vegetables; keep refrigerated; zipper bag works best if at least half full.

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