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Zipper Profiles for Resealable Bags

March 18, 2022 525
Zippers serve as a value-added feature that can expand a package’s appeal and function. IMPAK offers zipper profiles with unique features that suit industries including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, adhesives, automotive, machinery, electronics, and aerospace.

Our range of zipper profiles address packaging challenges that exceed the capabilities of a standard zipper bag. These challenges include packaging liquids, fine powders and aggressive chemicals. Select from stock zipper pouches measuring as small as 2” to as large as 28,” or contact us to custom produce zipper bags in a range of materials.

The majority of our pouches offer the standard ZipSeal, which is a single track zipper.  This press to close zipper style employs a single piece of material which protrudes from the pouch and fits directly into a track on the opposing side of the pouch. Interlocking plastic pieces snap into place and create friction to prevent the zipper from opening. This is the most commonly used profile and it is applied to pouches from standard clear zipper bags to Mylar foil zipper bags.

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