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Advantages and Applications of PVC Zipper Bag

September 16, 2022 354
PVC zipper  bags are a cost-effective and versatile packaging option for both food and non-food items. This type of packaging is an ideal fit across a host of industries, within retail and for private use at home.

PVC zipper bags are also known as grip seal bags, supagrip resealable bags, plastic seal bags and seal again bags. Not only are they a great option for organising various items, our seal again bags are highly robust and can be used again, making them an eco-friendly, cost-effective packaging solution.

There are countless uses for our range of PVC zipper bags. To help inspire you, we’ve compiled some top tips to showcase the many advantages of this packaging and the many applications that our handy PVC zipper bags can be used for.

Easy grip seal

How do PVC zipper bags work? The grip seal can be easily set to the closed position by simply applying pressure to either side of the grip. The secret to our resealable bags is this simple squeeze and pull apart top, which enables these handy bags to be used again and again.

Our PVC zipper bags are easy to open and user-friendly, thanks to one side of the header being slightly higher than the other.

Eco-friendly packaging

We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly ethos, and this is reflected in our range of eco-friendly packaging options. Our PVC zipper bags can not only be used time and time again due to their grip seal closing, they are also recyclable once ready to be disposed of. We also have a range of biodegradable PVC zipper bags which have an additive making them oxo-degradable – they will break down in a matter of months once disposed of.