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Double Slider Bags

March 19, 2021 903
When it comes to food slider bags, we offer a fresh look at quality. Our reclosable polyethylene food slider bags feature our premium easy open/close zipper and external grip strips to simplify handling. And our strong moisture resistant dispenser cartons make using them a real picnic. It's no wonder food service professionals ask for them by name.

Look for our recognized blue slider and green slider bag to make sure you're getting the very best. And check out our convenient dispenser carton to make handling any product easier.

Enjoy the convenience of the easy slide open/close feature that's made the slider bag so popular. These seal-top slider bags are built to tackle a wide variety of applications, especially in environments where gloves are worn. And they close quickly and easily the first time and every time, reducing unnecessary repetitive motion which can result in carpal tunnel injuries.

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