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Slider Freezer Bags with New Power

April 02, 2021 685
Designed to help protect foods from freezer burn, slider freezer bags keep food fresh with the MaxLock track that clicks to let you know it's securely closed. Use the simple sliding motion to open and close these plastic food storage bags easily. 

Large write-on labels make it easy to identify, date and organize the contents of these food slider freezer bags in your freezer, fridge or closet. Portion bulk foods for freezer storage, or package treats and leftovers for friends and family with these slider freezer bags. Prepare ingredients ahead of time, keeping them fresh in these BPA free food storage bags until you're ready to use them. 

These gallon plastic slider freezer bags are ideal for organizing and storing makeup, first aid kits, desk supplies and hardware, giving you a clear view of the contents while keeping multiple items together, clean and undamaged. Premium quality and super strength comes with superior savings, offering a better bang for your buck than similar branded storage bags.

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