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Speciality China Zipper Bags

January 08, 2021 658
China zipper bags ( ZIP LOCK® bags / SELF LOCK® bags ) which are made out of Low density polyethylene ( LDPE ) with an inbuilt press to close zipper profile on the bag to make the bag re-closable.

Below are the range of speciality China zipper bags which we manufacture for different Applications to serve different industries, thus creating a specialised packaging along with reclosable & reusable feature.

Anti-Static Zipper Bags

Anti Static zipper bag are ziplock bags with Anti Statis additive and are thus used for storing electronic components and parts which could be damaged due to Electrostatic discharge. These bags are also called as ESD Zipper bags.

Bubble Zipper Bags

These bags are attached Zipper bags with bubble wrap film on both the sides of the bags to make it a protective zipper bag with a re-closability feature.

These bags are used to pack fragile materials which require protective packing to ensure it doesn’t break or are not damaged due to impact as the bubble wrap film protects the same.

Coloured Zip – Zipper Bags

Ziplock bags with a coloured zipper locking profile as per the requirement of the customer.

Coloured Zipper Bags

Ziplock bags with coloured film as per the requirement of the customer. These colours could be Mily white, Yellow, black, etc.

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