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2018.4.23-4.27 Spring Canton Fair

April 28, 2018 849

Deqing Shanghao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is an emerging foreign-owned enterprise established by foreign investors to design, develop, produce and export plastic storage bags. Since its establishment in 2009, it has been actively involved in production, striving to develop new products and promote the development of overseas markets. The company has 200 employees, nearly 100 advanced production lines, annual production capacity of 1,500 (US$ 10,000), the products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. In the 7 years of production and sales, the rapid development of foreign markets and the increase of business pressure have made our company deeply aware of the importance of technological innovation and technology development.

At the beginning of its establishment, our company actively submitted to the State Administration of Trademarks and the Foreign Patent and Trademark Office and successfully obtained its own trademarks, strengthened the protection of its own products, and successively registered 10 domestic trademarks. Later, in the market survey and customer communication, our company focused on the new idea of technological innovation and development, and set a new banner in the sales team. So far, our company's scientific and technical personnel have developed and applied for 11 types of utility model products and 1 invention patent to the National Patent Office. One type of equipment type transformation has created considerable economic benefits for efficient and high quality production in the factory. Another type of product technology innovation has received wide acclaim after obtaining US trademark patents into the market, and has actively applied for patents in advanced markets such as Japan and Germany.

Now our company has invested nearly 100,000 yuan in science and technology, increased the number of scientific and technical personnel by more than 20, and obtained a return on economic benefits of nearly 45 million yuan, which greatly consolidates our awareness of technological innovation in production, learning and research. In the stage of improving production efficiency and reducing costs, the practice has proved that in today's increasingly fierce market competition, the ability and level of technological innovation has become the decisive factor for the rise and fall of enterprises. Our leaders have fully realized this and will develop in the future. In the true position, technology innovation is placed in an important position to continuously improve the overall technical level and innovation capability of the company.